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ruthiehenshall's Journal

Ruthie Henshall Fans On Eljay
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Welcome to the community!
We are a fan-based community dedicated to Ruthie Henshall. Disclaimer: Ruthie Henshall is not directly involved with this comm (though of course we wouldn't turn her away if she stopped by!)
Here you will find discussion, images, contests, and general squeeage related to the Queen of Musicals herself, Ruthie Henshall.

Your mods are misspell, vivier and stratford_girl. Questions, comments, or concerns may be emailed to letothersrise [at] yahoo [dot] com.

The rules here are simple:

[1] We are a Ruthie Henshall fan community. We welcome and encourage differences of opinion, but bashing of Ruthie will not be tolerated. [2] Nor will bashing of other members. Discussion is good, arguments not. Keep it polite. [3] Excepting news in support of which there is published evidence, topics relating to Ruthie's private life are discouraged. No gossip or rumours, please. [4] All images larger than 300x300 pixels should be placed behind a cut. [5] We ask that you lock all posts that include links to uploads. [6] Tags are made of win! Please tag posts containing photos, reviews or the like so that we can compile an organized database for easy navigation in future.

Want more? We are very pleased to direct you to our sister comm, Ruthie Henshall on Last.fm, which is a fantastic hangout for Ruthie fans to discuss music and view rare and wonderful YouTube vids. Go say hi to the amazing Em and her gang of Ruthie crazies! Also, please go visit Team Henshall at Ruthie Henshall on Delovely Forums!